Purna Swasthya Yoga Therapy Center
- Dr. Pragna Patel
The Saraswat Mahila Samaj, B/1, Saraswat co-op housing society, Dr. Kushibai navrange marg, Gamdevi, Mumbai - 400007
Tel: 91 - 98200 94403

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About Us

We at the yoga therapy center offer to treat various diseases like spondylosis, dyspepsia, bronchial asthma, coronary arterary diseases etc. At our yoga classes we teach yoga asanas, power yoga, exercises, pranayam and have antenatal programmes for ladies. Our yoga class patients are examined thoroughly with the help of different investigations when necessary like X-ray, MRI, Blood tests, ECGs. Correct diagnosis is established and individual line of treatment is derived. The patients are individually helped by our teachers and trained assistants. Medical guidance is always available. We have treated nearly 600 patients in the last 7 years, having yoga classes sessions, yoga asanas, power yoga, exercises, pranayam thrice a week lasting for one hour each.

We have the following Programs:
  1. Coronary artery disease: Patients who have suffered from heart attacks,already undergone bypass surgery and prone to ishaemic heart disease.
  2. Back ache: Patients with lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, slip disc or scoliosis.
  3. Cervical Spondylosis: Pain in the upper back and neck.
  4. Frozen shoulder: Restricted movement of the shoulder.
  5. Bronchial Asthma:
  6. Dyspepsia: Hyperacidity, gas etc.
  7. Weight loss program:
  8. Osteoarthritis: knee pains, ankle pains, heel pains.
  9. Antenatal program: Pregnant ladies are given specific programs.
  10. Pranayam: simple and advanced pranayam techniques.