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Case Study
Case Study-1 (Cervical Spondylosis)
Plate-1 (before)
Plate-2 (after)

40 years old male patient presented with severe pain around the neck and upper back. Flexion extension and side movements of the neck were bare minimum and extremely painful. X-Ray shows loss of lordosis and reversal of the curvature in cervical spine and other signs of degeneration of spine. After four months of yoga therapy patient was feeling much better. Pain reduced by almost 90% and the movements of the neck returned to normal. The X-Ray plate 2 taken after the treatment shows a lot of improvement in the curvature of the spine and other signs of degeneration

Case Study-2 (Scoliosis)

Plate-3 (before)
Plate-4 (after)

45 years old female patient, presented with severe backache. The x-ray plate no.3 showed marked scoliosis. After 3 months of treatment with yoga therapy at our centre, patient recovered considerably. The pain diminished to about 20% . Plate no.4 taken after three months shows absence of scoliosis.

Case Study-3 (Scoliosis)

Plate-5 (before)
Plate-6 (after)

18 year old male patient came with the complaint of severe backache (upper lumbar region) since last 2 years . Patient is at present taking treatment at our centre. After 8 weeks of treatment pain has reduced considerably. The x-ray plate 5 shows scoliosis of thoraco- lumbar region. Plate no.6 shows improvement.

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